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Children’s Winter Skincare Guide

  • 21st Jan 2019
  • 2 Min Read

Winter weather and dry indoor heat can be a nightmare for the delicate skin of our little treasures in winter at the best of times. Add particularly sensitive or eczema prone skin into the mix and keeping the dryness away can be almost impossible when the cold snaps. Have a read of our Winter Skincare Guide  below and make sure your little ones stay super soft, even in the frost.

Chilly weather can cause the odd rough patch or some more troubling ailments that you will definitely want to keep at bay, especially for the smallest members of the family.

These could be:

  • Chapped lips
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Sore hands
  • Cracked heels
  • Itchy legs

At Good Bubble we have a range of mild washes and superfruit stuffed moisturisers perfect for rehydrating little one’s tired winter skin. From our 100% Organic Coconut Oil to our range of Little Softy Moisturisers, there’s sure to be something to help combat those nasty rough patches.  What’s even better is that our moisturisers are so kind to skin that they have officially been recognised as paediatrician approved and suitable for eczema prone skin. Find out more here

Our top tips:

  1. Make sure when you’re using any moisturisers on thirsty skin that you pat into skin as you massage, rather than rubbing. This allows the skin to soak up as much as it needs to replenish its moisture levels.
  2. Use coconut oil as completely natural lip balm on chapped lips, perfect for you and the little ones. (Just one of our fav many amazing uses!)
  3. Focus on areas, such as shins, which have a thinner layer of skin and concentrate on massaging into those parts that get heavy daily use such as elbows, hands and knees.
  4. Practice bedtime massage with your babies and children to relax them before they put on their pyjamas and head off into the land of nod.
  5. For particularly sensitive or eczema prone skin try our mildest formulation Fragrance Free Little Softy Baby Moisturiser (now available in new 200ml size)

As ever we always encourage you to carry out a patch test with any new product you’re using on your children’s skin. Find out how, here

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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